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Artist Statement

Newton’s third law of motion states that for every action in nature, there is an equal and opposite reaction. I search through discarded copper in recycle yards along the Miami River, choose specific items and weld them into random pieces of art, ranging from free standing sculptures to musical instruments. I have supplied the action… yours is the reaction!


About The Artist

AlJohn Farquharson is a native of Miami. He moved to Palmetto Bay in 2015 with his wife and 3 children. He has worked in Air Conditioning for many years and currently owns his own company, Alan Air Conditioning. It was through his welding skills that he discovered his passion for making art by welding copper together. As a gift for mothers day, he fashioned a planter for his wife, and it then that the idea sparked that he can make copper art by welding various reclaimed copper pieces together. His imagination took charge as to what else he could create, building the copper art is fascinating to him and a way to express a creativity he did not know he possessed, but he also wanted his art to have meaning. He created an Instagram account Random Arts of Kindness through which he explained to his followers that he wanted to make the world a kinder place. As way to spread positive energy to others, he created art pieces and gave it to people who inspired him, touched his life randomly. AlJohn the Copper Guy’s first art exhibition is on October 19, and he’s ready for you to see his (artchitecture) come to life.


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